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Cape water solution specialises in the delivery of bulk water to residential homes for swimming pool filling as well as top ups, rain harvesting tanks, garden irrigation and reservoirs. We also supply to commercial and industrial businesses, health clubs, construction sites, car washes, hotels, guest houses, shipping vessels and film sets.



We supply crystal clear spring water that is pumped from underneath a famous wine cellar in Stellenbosch. This spring water is ethically and legally pumped from the source to protect the building from flooding.

We are most probably the only truly legal water supplier in Cape Town.

Selling borehole water remains illegal no matter where it is from, there are many water delivery companies that sells illegal water.

Our water is clean, crystal clear and free from any metals. This is very important especially when you have a Gunite pool as borehole water will permanently stain the walls.

The water is used by the farmer in their own house as well as their guest house.  We can also deliver your domestic water supply needs.

Proof of the quality of the water is that we are the sole suppliers to the largest fitness club in South Africa, big chain stores, The President hotel and Crystal palace to name a few.


Home owners invest a lot of time and money in assets such as swimming pools and gardens.

In order to keep these assets growing it needs water. Be pro active and buy yourself a rain harvesting tank or several and harvest rain water as well as buying bulk water from us.  This way you will be a Water Warrior as you will reduce pressure on the system.

Several of our clients are Koi lovers and they regularly buy water for their fish ponds from us, their safe water supply company.

There are 2 options when you want to fill up your new pool, use water from house water supply or utilize a water supply service. The first method will take a long time to fill the pool as you will be using a garden hose.


There are several advantages of using a water supply service which is why they are considered a popular option for filling up a pool. Firstly, they provide greater convenience. By using a water supply service you relieve yourself from the headache of having to sit around for hours and wait for the garden hose to fill up the pool. By using a water delivery service you will be able to start using your pool almost instantly. Also, when a water truck quickly fills up your pool using multiple hoses, it becomes easier to spot the leaks. Your water delivery expert will be able to easily spot this type of problem and shut the system down before your home gets flooded.

In Conclusion, using a water supply service is the best option for filling up your pool.


Our staff, with extensive experience in managing large scale projects, will plan your bulk water needs and then execute it with military precision. We have been supplying a private housing estate with over 300 000 litres per month for their garden irrigation needs.

Over time we have been trusted by developers to fill their swimming pools on a regular basis. We will go out of our way in order to fulfil the needs of our clients. Proof of this is that we have filled swimming pools at The Legacy (9 storeys high) The Factory, Mowbray (7 storeys high) with special pumps that is fitted to our trucks.

We will assist in planning your water needs whether for irrigation, swimming pools, reservoirs, vessels, testing of firefighting equipment – on time, every time.

Cape water solution also offers same day delivery or what we call Emergency water supply.


Most of the leading health clubs have swimming pools. This needs to be topped up from time to time. Due to our excellent water quality we are currently the sole supplier to the biggest gym group in the country.


We supply bulk water for roof cleaning companies, builders, construction companies, civil engineers and leading ready-mix concrete companies.


Several hotel swimming pools are being filled on a regular basis by us. For ease of service we respond to a Whatsapp and fill the pools on a regular basis. Understanding the privacy of inhouse guests, we deliver at convenient times that would not interfere with the general running of the hotel. At several of our clients our trucks are parked off street and pipes are laid to the tanks on order to keep noise levels to a minimum.


Cape water solution have been supplying large shipping vessels with potable and non-potable water since our company’s inception.